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Janine Henson

About Janine Henson

Janine Henson is Vice President of CardioStart International and a BSN graduate from Indiana University School of Nursing. She is certified with the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Heart Surgeon’s 25-year Impact

Dr. Aubyn Marath I met Dr. Aubyn Marath in 2006 when I participated in my first CardioStart mission to Arequipa, Peru.  He seemed attractive, energetic, and visionary.  In the subsequent six years, I have come to see him as the most altruistic, compassionate, and humanitarian person I have ever met. Much of my relationship with Aubyn has taken place in clinical settings.  His approach to complex clinical problems is thoughtful and resourceful.  For patients with complex congenital heart disease, Aubyn draws from a wealth of [...]

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Outreach Health Screenings

As part of the CardioStart surgical mission, several volunteers coordinated a community health screening for diabetes and high blood pressure. Of the 278 people screened, five individuals were diagnosed with diabetes and 17 with severe hypertension. Patients were referred to the local doctor, who was present at the screening venue. One individual was diagnosed with such severe hypertension that the local doctor purchased the medication himself for the patient and referred him to Cardiology the next day.  Seriousness of Rheumatic Fever and Strep Throat Undiagnosed and untreated Rheumatic Fever and [...]

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20 Lives Saved in Peru

Thirty-four volunteers, skilled in cardiovascular surgery, assessment and post-operative intensive care, ventured to Arequipa, Peru, for CardioStart’s 10th cardiac surgical mission to Honorio Delgado Hospital. Volunteers hailed from across the US, Canada, Italy and Argentina to form a cohesive medical team during the two-week mission, concluding October 6, 2012. Thanks to the leadership of Mission Director and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Mariano Brizzio, the mission was a huge success. Over the previous nine missions to Arequipa, CardioStart strived to implement a sustainable cardiovascular program at Honorio Delgado Hospital. This year, important [...]

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Vietnam November 2011

CardioStart Volunteers Teach Advanced Cardiac Surgery & Critical Care Twelve patients were recipients of cardiac surgery and 27 patients received pacemaker implementation. This accomplishment and collaborative effort included a mini-symposium, and is on record as by far the largest free implant gift provided to patients in one sitting throughout Vietnam. “These Vietnamese surgeons are already very skilled, doing the simpler procedures and managing them well,” said Janine Henson, Mission Director, and Vice-President of CardioStart. “They asked us to assist in their progression by providing mentoring and teaching new skills to [...]

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Healing Hearts in Peru

I cannot believe we will be celebrating CardioStart’s 11th mission to Honorio Delgado Hospital in Arequipa, Peru, later this month. I clearly remember CardioStart’s first mission.  It really felt like a different world.  The teammates became like family to me in the experience.   Just to add to the new challenges it was the first time I had the responsibility in leading a mission.  My co-leader was my rock though and we got through it together. From housing issues to building an ICU from scratch we learned tremendous lessons, which continue [...]

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Uganda Awaits CardioStart Team

With a waiting list of 100 adults and 200 children in need of cardiac surgery, a CardioStart surgical team will be welcomed to Uganda Heart Institute in Kampala, Uganda, Africa. The 10-year-old hospital is leaning on five international cardiac teams to help them develop their program through a 5-year plan. The Heart Institute’s needs are great. With various types of medical equipment in need of repair, biomed personnel can be instrumental in helping. A new cardiac catheterization lab was recently opened and can use interventional cardiac support, especially with pediatrics. [...]

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Uganda 2012 Mission

CardioStart announces our 2012 inaugural mission to Uganda, Africa, November 4 –16. We invite you to participate on this team. This is both an adult and pediatric surgical mission. As part of the mission, we will assist the Mulago University Hospital (MUH) in their 5-year development plan to establish pediatric heart surgery and cardiology intervention services. To date, MUH has made advances in pediatric cardiac evaluation and surgery, and the evolution of a cardiac catheter laboratory. […]

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Supporter Raises $10K for CardioStart Missions

Holly Sackett has a passion for helping others, especially those in developing countries. And she has proven once again that she can instill her passion for helping those in need to others by organizing a successful fundraiser. Sackett invited CardioStart founder, Dr. Aubyn Marath to the event to share his personal experiences of performing free heart surgery around the globe over the past 25 years. […]

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Retail Program in Sisters, Oregon, Helps Charity

Shari Maquire, a retired entrepreneur who owned two retail clothing stores is using her expertise to the great benefit of CardioStart by creating the first CardioStart retail store. “CardioStart ReSale Thrift” is it’s own non-profit entity, separate from CardioStart International but who’s primary purpose is to support the charity.  The store, relying on donated items from volunteers, the general public as well as specialty items picked up on missions which will be sold with the proceeds going to the charity. In the past, CardioStart has managed to find local artisans [...]

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Vietnam’s 1st Human Valve Replacement

Last November we had a patient named Vu. Vu received a human valve transplant from a deceased American. This procedure was the first human valve transplant done in Vietnam. During the time Vu’s stay, I had the opportunity to chat with his father. We discovered that his father and I were not only both stationed in Da Nang during the Vietnam war, but also stationed on opposite sides at the Hai Van Pass. My unit’s responsibility was to destroy any troops and supplies coming through from the north. His job [...]

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