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Brazil Mission Update

August 31 ‐ September 14th, 2014     There has been a complication and development over the Brazilian-bound container, which arrived in Port over a week ago. Brazilian trade regulations have determined that even though our shipment is a donation, it will be subject to lengthy paperwork issues involving US original company sources, and substantially greater expense. The recommendation by our hosts is that with their help, we donate that container to another country. Professor Nina, of the Sao Luis cardiovascular center has been working extremely hard to make this [...]

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Report: Ghana Mission Successful

Dad will live to enjoy son, held by Ghana nurse On April 14th 2013, an all-volunteer team of CardioStart International embarked on its third cardiac surgery mission to the continent of Africa.  The Republic of Ghana is in West Africa. Kumasi lays West of Accra, the capital, and this second major historic city was once the capital of the Ashanti Empire. It continues to serve as the cultural centre of the Ashanti people. There is a single cardiothoracic centre in Accra. The National Cardiothoracic Centre [...]

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Peru 2013 Mission Oct. 6-18

CardioStart will return to Arequipa, Peru, October 6 – October 18, 2013.  In this mission, we will again work at the Honorio Delgado Hospital in Arequipa, Peru and continue development of the Adult Cardiac Surgical Program and Outreach Initiatives. This is CardioStart’s 12th mission to Peru over the past 17 years. Volunteers with serious medical conditions should carefully consider obtaining consultation/approval from their doctor prior to joining the mission due to the high altitude at greater than 8,000 feet. Arequipa, Peru Arequipa is an ancient city positioned at approximately 8,000-8,500 [...]

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Surgical team travels to Ghana in April

Ghana has been viewed as one of Africa’s most stable democracies, becoming a republic in July 1960. It is the first African nation to achieve independence from its colonial heritage under the United Kingdom in 1957. Very few West African countries have the resources to provide optimum cardiac care to their populations. Cardiac surgery requires relatively sophisticated diagnostic and surgical techniques and high level infrastructure operated by personnel with advanced training and expertise. The availability of cardiac surgeons per million of the population in North America and Europe is more [...]

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CardioStart Expands Board of Trustees

Heart surgeon Dr. Mariano Brizzio and real estate developer and investor William G. Slagle have been confirmed as new members to CardioStart’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Mariano Brizzio Dr. Mariano Brizzio is a faculty member of Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and an Attending Cardiac Surgeon at the Valley-Columbia Heart Center in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Brizzio has been CardioStart volunteer for five years.  He served as chairman of the International Mission Committee and directed the past three CardioStart missions to Arequipa, Peru.  His [...]

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Essential Pharmaceuticals donates lifesaving Custodiol HTK

During recent missions to Peru and Uganda, CardioStart perfusionists were grateful to receive a large donation of cardioplegia solution from Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC. This vital solution protects the heart muscle during complex cardiac surgery. Essential Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the market of life-saving pharmaceuticals provided for the care of transplants and transplant recipients.  One of their products, Custodiol HTK, has been adapted for the use of cardiac surgery and is particularly helpful during CardioStart’s missions which demand efficient and reliable yet simple delivery methods.  CardioStart volunteer perfusionists have worked hand-in-hand [...]

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Mission to Ghana in April 2013

CardioStart announces mission to Kumasi, Ghana, April 14 – 28, 2013 Applicants are welcome to apply for CardioStart’s surgical mission to Ghana by completing the Volunteer Interest Form page. Team selections will be made based on team needs and professional experience. CardioStart balances each team with returning volunteers and those joining a mission for the first time. The Republic of Ghana is in west Africa. Kumasi lays west of the capital Accra. This second major historic city was once the capital of the Ashanti Empire. It continues to serve as the cultural center [...]

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Student Outreach: Florida to Uganda

High School students in Florida send science textbooks with medical supplies Today, some of us sorted through the supplies and equipment CardioStart shipped to Mulago Hospital a few months ago. Among the shipment was four large boxes packed with science textbooks given by Dan Carella, a high school science teacher, and some of his students in Florida. In fact, Dan and some of students helped pack the 40-foot container at the CardioStart office in Tampa. I was asked to help find a local school that would like these great books. [...]

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Donated ECG machine helps Peru pediatrics

In US hospitals and other developed countries, diagnostic medical equipment is prevalent. However, in many underdeveloped countries, like Peru, common cardiac assessment tools, like an electrocardiography machine or ECG (often called EKG), is often in need of repair, outdated, or simply nonexistent. Dr. Mariano Brizzio & Lourdes Cuadros, RN When CardioStart’s Mission Director, Dr. Mariano Brizzio, was preparing for the upcoming mission to Arequipa, Peru, in September 2012, he discovered that Honorio Delgado Hospital did not have an ECG for use with pediatric patients. Hospital staff would often use the ECG from another department [...]

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20 Lives Saved in Peru

Thirty-four volunteers, skilled in cardiovascular surgery, assessment and post-operative intensive care, ventured to Arequipa, Peru, for CardioStart’s 10th cardiac surgical mission to Honorio Delgado Hospital. Volunteers hailed from across the US, Canada, Italy and Argentina to form a cohesive medical team during the two-week mission, concluding October 6, 2012. Thanks to the leadership of Mission Director and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Mariano Brizzio, the mission was a huge success. Over the previous nine missions to Arequipa, CardioStart strived to implement a sustainable cardiovascular program at Honorio Delgado Hospital. This year, important [...]

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