MAY 6-13, 2017

CardioStart completed its 4th annual Adult Cardiac Surgical Mission to Santo Domingo with great success.  All patients did well and were discharged within a couple days of surgery.

Rheumatic Fever, caused by untreated strep throat caused many to have damaged valves at an early point in their lives leaving them debilitated.  Others suffered from congenital defects that would have been repaired as infants or children but because of poverty have become adults with the defect impacting their physical condition.

CardioStarts’ mission of medical and nursing education made an impact on 94 nurses and medical students prior to the surgical cases beginning.  Formal lectures were provided with limitations only on space.  Plans are already in the works for a larger venue next year to meet the desire for ongoing education.

Bedside teaching, was provided to help local practitioners refine their skills and protocols.


Dr. Kirk Walker




Name Age Diagnosis Procedure Outcome
Danna Paola Estela 19 Severe Mitral Valve regurgitation, Inactive rheumatic cardiomyopathy, Pulmonary HTN, Atrial Fibrillation, Cardiac cachexia Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve replacement Satisfactory
Jonatan De Los Santos 22 ASD with L-R Shunt

Mitral Regurg.

Moderate Arterial HTN,

Atrial Fibrillation

Closure of ASD (Osteum Secundum) with autologous pericardium patch, Mitral valve repair with ring Satisfactory
Jose Miguel Liriano 49 ASD Secundum with Pulmonary HTN, Mitral regurgitation Surgical closure of ASD with autologous pericardium Patch , Mitral valve repair with ring Satisfactory
Marino Reyes 40 Severe aortic stenosis with severe LV dysfunction Tissue Aortic Valve Replacement Satisfactory
Argenis de La Cruz 24 Severe aortic insufficiency, Bicuspid aortic valve, Systolic and diastolic dysfunction Surgical replacement of Aortic Valve with bioprosthetic valve


Mercedes Beltre 58 Mitral Stenosis (rheumatic) Severe tricuspid regurgitation Mitral Valve Replacement, Tricuspid Valve Repair Satisfactory
Dorca Dilenia Carbuccia Dorotea
De Santana 
53 Left Atrial Myxoma Myxoma Resection with septum Repair Satisfactory
Manuael Feliz 43 TEE indicated Mitral valve replaced in 2016 was in perfect condition.  Severe Aortic Insufficiency with Chronic AV septic endocarditis Redo AVR with aortic bioprosthesis. Satisfactory
Austria Ferrera


65 Dilated cardiomyopathy/refractory ventricular arrythmia ICD insertion Satisfactory
Yudelkys Amparo


65 Dilated cardiomyopathy/refractory ventricular arrythmia ICD insertion Satisfactory
Perez Yubran Emillio Amable 41 Dilated cardiomyopathy/refractory ventricular arrythmia ICD Insertion Satisfactory
Pedro Adames 43 Dilated cardiomyopathy/refractory ventricular arrythmia ICD Insertion Satisfactory





“Safe Surgery “: Alicia Smith, RN

  • Team Approach to patient safety
  • Using checklists to maintain safety

Virtual Surgery”:  Mariano Brizzio, MD

  • Videos of Common Cases
  • Presentation of complicated cases

(43 Attendees)

 “ICU Nursing”:  Janine Henson, RN BSN CCRN, Caitlin Crumpler, RN & Heather Rideout, RN BSN, CCRN-CSC, Mary Gregory, RN, Erin Acker, RN

  • Case Presentations
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Epicardial Pacing
  • Postoperative Case Simulations
  • Shock
  • Postoperative Valve Cases


“Cardiology”:  Kirk Walker, MD

  • Postoperative Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Insufficient Cardiac Decompensation – Heart Failure
  • Pathophysiology of Treatments

(51 Attendees)

“OR Hands On Training” by Alicia Smith RN (8 Attendees)


Arterial Blood Gas basics

ECG Axis Deviation

Open Heart Surgery Recovery



New Jersey Profession
Mariano Brizzio, MD Cardiothoracic Surgeon & Mission Director
Jeffery Levine, MD Anesthesiologist
Alicia Smith, RN Scrub Nurse
Elaine Dyskin-Kletsman, PA First Assist/Circulator
Erin Acker, RN ICU RN
Mary Gregory, RN ICU RN
Caitlin Crumpier ICU RN
Kirk Walker, MD Interventional Cardiologist
Heather Rideout, RN ICU RN/Educator
Ashley Morgan, MD Researcher
Pablo Zubiate, MD, CCP Perfusionist
Janine Henson, RN ICU RN/Mission Co-Director
Miroslav Ustemchuk, RN ICU RN



Medtronic Incorporated Minneapolis MN

Valley Hospital & Health, New Jersey

Valley Foundation, New Jersey

St. Jude Medical Inc. St. Paul, MN

 Fundacion Heartcare Dominicana Inc.

Abbott Laboratories Point of Care Testing

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