Do you know what Perfusion is?

Many have never heard the term, yet this role is such vital one in the realm of heart surgery. Without the proper management of the heart, lungs, and blood, the life of a person’s body could not be sustained! Though the surgeon performs the lifesaving surgery, the Perfusionist’s role is vital to sustaining the brain and other organs while the heart repair is being carried out.

Thanks to the generous donation from, that donated perfusion guide manuals to our missions, we are able to provide not just hands on training, but similar educational guides our own Perfusionists in advanced programs use during their day-to-day work.

More than just performing surgeries, one of our biggest goals for our missions is to help local teams develop sustainable programs so heart disease can be better treated by that country. By training local staff side-by-side with ours, the Perfusion manual can provide a structured platform to assist formal perfusion program development for future generations to use.