October 7-21, 2023 POSTPONED TO EARLY 2024

Zambia is a landlocked country with a tropical climate at the crossroads of Central, Southern and East Africa.  In 1964 it became independent of the UK and the Prime Minister became President.  Zambia contains many natural resources including minerals, copper mining, wildlife, forestry, freshwater and arable land.  The World Bank has named it one of the world’s fastest economically reformed countries.  It is racially and ethnically diverse with 73 distinct ethnic groups with 73 different languages.  The official language for business and education however is English.  According to the NIH cardiovascular disease is among the leading causes of mortality and morbidity (includes RHD).   Safety:  Level 1, exercise normal precautions.

The National Heart Hospital: 

This hospital was built by the Korean Government on an extended loan. Cardiology/Surgery is only just beginning in its development. In 2022 and the beginning of 2023, visits from a Japanese interest group, and a tele-video peri-operative conference has already been conducted in collaboration with the University of Michigan.  They have started cardiac surgery but are concerned to maintain a high standard of care to retain recognition and financial support from the Government. They are seeking our help.  they would greatly value our help with a focused mission to teach adult cardiac surgery techniques.  Interventional Cardiology:  They have a good cardiology department needing outside help to take on more challenging caseloads.  

Dr. Chieshe Mutema, Chief of Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Chieshe Mutema, Chief of Cardiac Surgery

  • 1 adult cardiac surgeon Filled
  • 1 anesthesiologist Filled
  • 1 intensivist (adult experience)
  • 2 Cardiologists (one interventional)
  • 1 perfusionist Filled
  • 4 adult CV ICU nurses
  • 2 ACLS/ATLS/PARAMEDIC instructors
  • 1 Database Research Scribe
  • 1 Mission Coordinator   

Interested volunteers will be asked to fund their own airline ticket, insurance, immunizations recommended by their physician and one evening meal per day.  Hotel, breakfast, and lunch are provided.  US passport holders do not require a VISA.

Arrive evening of October 7 or morning of the 8th.  Orientation October 8th early evening.  Departure October 20th evening or the 21st morning.  Volunteers may stay longer to visit the many interesting locations at their own expense.  

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