Turn your Passion into Fundraising

The CardioStart fishing tournament is approaching its 10th anniversary. For my wife Lisa and I, it is more than a fundraiser for the charity but a true labor of love.

CardioStart and fishing are our passion. What began in Tampa and now continues in the Fort Myers area (Pine Island) where we presently live, has allowed us to introduce the charity and its mission of advancing care in underserved countries to many sponsors. So, what began as a small group of my friends and work associates has grown over the years as we use this tournament to spread the word of the valuable work CardioStart does. 

Lisa and I enjoy personally interacting with all our participants. We share meals, encourage participation in a silent auction, raffles and of course fish. We have generous donors providing gifts for the winners, usually a wonderful trip for more fishing and fun. We stress always that this is a charity event with that as the goal.

This is a low stress event for beginning anglers as much as for those more experienced. You will be fishing on a boat with an experienced captain inshore or near shore with calm seas expected. Look at the photos of some of the catches and smiles over the years.

We will provide more specifics about the event on our website as the 2024 dates approach – (tentatively, June 6th evening get together and June 7th fishing).  Please set these dates aside and join the excitement. We look forward seeing you.

Rolando and Lisa Rodriguez